making a rose go dormant

I am moving from zone 4 to zone 7 (yeah!!) and I have a couple of rose bushes I would love to bring with me. I am wondering if I can pull them and make them go dormant somehow so they can travel to their new home. I can’t find any information on this. Thanks for any advice.

Get as much root system as you can, prune them hard, strip the leaves and keep them moist. They should do fine.

Bareroot season isn’t far off. You could probably get away with barerooting them.

I would go along with Mr.Rippetoe suggestons on relocating a rose. If it was me relocating a rose to another zone. I would bareroot the plants, prune at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the top growth and pack in a insulated box. Save as much of the roots as possible and do not let the plants dry out. Upon arrivng at new destination soak the roots of the plants in a pail of clean water for 12 hours. Then you can either bury the plants in a trench covered with clean soil until planting time or plant them in the ground. They will look a little wilted for a few days but will recoup fast. Using a antidesiccant spray will help canes from drying out. Always water newly planted daily until they are established