Madame Plantier / alba roses as a seed parent

Hello everyone! My first post to the group. I live in zone 4B Wisconsin and am trying to get more into rose breeding. I have been struggling to find a good seed parent for some of the crosses I want to make. Most of the hardy cultivars seem to be great pollen parents but do not set seed regularly ( Cherry Frost and Above and Beyond come to mind). Does anyone have experience with Madame Plantier as either a seed or pollen parent? I am growing in extremely sandy soil so even the most vigorous of roses are slow growing due to low soil nutrients - except rugosa which is a garden thug here - I regret planting it on its ability to spread alone! Thank you in advance for your thoughts! For reference, I am using Kordes and David Austin roses overwintered in pots for pollen/seed parent as well.

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Doesn’t appear that it would be a good/easy seed parent.

HMF doesn’t have many descendants and the only picture of a hip says it was the only one of the whole plant

I agree–I’ve never seen hips set on ‘Madame Plantier’. It also seems to be misclassified as an alba; others have said before that it seems more like a hybrid China with possible Noisette ancestry, which makes some sense, and would also help to explain its sterility. It’s a wonderful rose otherwise.

Some of the true albas would be a better bet as seed parents, if they might work instead.


Thank you everyone! I appreciate your thoughts and feedback! I will have to keep researching good seed parents with cold tolerance.

There’s a couple references on these forums about William Booth being good for seed that are easy to germinate. Downside being many of the seedlings pick up the sprawling habit but that may not be too big of an issue if you were looking at Madame Plantier.

It may be interesting to look at what roses are grown in cold countries. Find nurseries in Finland, Sweden, Norway, …

This is an article about rose growing in Finland.

They’ve a rose that’s been planted for centuries in Finnish country gardens. Tornedal roses. "Tornedal" Rose

Some kind of full Cinnamonea rose.

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Did some additional searches online. Plantasjen is a plant wholesaler in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland). They have an assortment roses they sell for outside. This selection is probably reasonable cold hardy and worth browsing through: Roser - Kjøp hos Plantasjen | Plantasjen
You can use the translation function in Chrome (if you use that browser) to easily find your way on this site.

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Thank you for your help with these fantastic recommendations! I have reviewed the information and ordered a few cultivars that I think should be promising. Was going to do Polstjärnan for its hardiness but it seems many people have struggled to get it to set seed reliably. We will see what comes of it all! The winter blues are setting in and I am looking forward to spring.

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