Madame Hardy fertility?

Hi Everyone!

I know the literature says that Madame Hardy is sterile, but has anyone tried?


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Yes, I attempted it a few times. As the literature states, this rose is totally sterile. Blooms don’t produce stamens, and if you do find the occasional anther, the pollen isn’t viable, if present at all.


Oh my *** lord. :confounded: Ordered it a few weeks ago to breed with it. To get those lovely winged sepals. How unfortunate. Doesn’t set hips either?

But at least you’ll have one of the most beautiful roses in the world! I’m feeling your pain, though. I had high hopes of proving the literature wrong.

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Thanks Paul for that information and all you do!

If it does form hips, they don’t contain viable seeds. Occasionally you might find what appears to be a “seed” but they do not contain viable achenes.

You’re welcome - although I don’t “do” much with the roses anymore.

There are some techniques that can help get fertilisation with roses that are “infertile”. Cutting the pistils short. Or covering them with diluted honey or “morning” saliva. So, that would be an ideal candidate to test that on. :sweat_smile: Without any high hopes of course.

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You’ve done a lot in the past to inspire the rest of us and advance the field of rose hybridizing, so I thank you for that!

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‘Mme. Hardy’ doesn’t produce pistils - only a green “pip” in the center where pistils should be. Seriously, you won’t find any pistils in those blooms.

Anyone aspiring to work with a white Damask would be better off getting something that is actually capable of reproduction, like maybe ‘Botzaris’, which is a much better plant in almost every way. It has no registered descendants, but it almost certainly produces pollen.

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:pensive: that is disappointing. Probably a waist of time. But maybe I’ll give it a go anyway. Thank you for the heads-up. :wink: