Not likely, but does anyone have experience hybridizing with, or grow, the kordesii M

Pretty but I would assume that mildewed seedligns would be a dire issue. It looks like the other half is prolly one of Kordes many orange-red polyantha-floribunda hybrids when they were novel.

I think I would stick with Dortmund, to be honest. But that is my opinion – who knows what it truly holds.

Mildew on seedlings is a dire issue no matter what you use for breeding! /me laughs.

If you can get it, Dortmund is a fine breeder for good color, but it tends to give semi-doubles a lot. That may or may not be a bad thing.


It might be worth putting up with mildew to see what M

Jap beetles avoid some red roses, perhaps because these contain cyanin pigments which are distasteful or poisonous.

Perhaps breeders should use varieties such as Munchener Fasching to increase the amounts of pigments which jbs avoid.

The future is not very bright for repeat-blooming roses which attract jap beetles.

If the above is true, I wouldnt waste it on an ordinary color. Like I stated above, Dortmund is proven usable already. So, I think I would use it, to see if it works, with an aim for a unique color. For example, Munchener Fasching x Hot Cocoa could prove interesting.

I think I would use it, to see if it works, with an aim for a unique color.

What’s needed first is a plant of M

Im all of out magic and fairy dust for such a request, lol.

Maybe someone reading this thread could check the Combined Rose List for M



Hi Andy,

Thanks very much for checking. Unfortunately I know of no synonym. In fact, I had never heard of this rose until I found it in Yokoi’s data table. That table lists a number of other roses, all with Japanese names, that are not even in the HMF database.

I have a fairly complete collection of Kordes catalogues from about 1984 onward and M