Lynn Anderson x St. Patrick

I’m really looking forward to the blooms on these seedlings. I have a bunch that have resulted from this cross. Seedlings are very strong & vigorous (though most with a touch of mildew). Anyone have experience with this cross?

Judith, that does sound like a good cross. I have had very little luck with ‘St. Patrick’. It doesn’t work well as a seed parent, and I get very little pollen from it. Tom Carruth got ‘Marilyn Monroe’ from it.

‘Lynn Anderson’ seedlings tend to have lots of vigor. In fact, I tended to select the “weaker” seedlings when using it in crosses.

Please keep us posted on this cross!

Jim Sproul

I agree…this one definitely sounds like it has a lot of potential. I used Lynn Anderson quite a bit in the “old” garden and had the same experience that Jim did with the offspring…they tended to have a great deal of vigor (many had a great deal of thorns as well… LOL …but those that didn’t were a particularly nice find). I don’t recall the particular issues with mildew (whether most did or didn’t). I do have one seedling from a Midas Touch x Lynn Anderson cross that does not have mildew issues, although it is susceptible to blackspot. :astonished:( See the link below for a photo.

Definitely keep us updated on this one!


Thanks for the responses. Jim I’d settle for something as good as Marilyn Monroe, lol. We’ll see how this cross does. It sure produced a lot of healthy seedlings.

Michelle, your Midas Touch x Lynn Anderson cross is beautiful! Any plans on releasing that one?

By the way, Jim, I’ve had the same experience with St. Patrick as a seed parent. It just does not want to set hips at all. It’s offspring, Marilyn Monroe does, however. I had a neat cross of Marilyn Monroe x Dr. John Dickman which I got some seeds out of and one really nice seedling, which unfortunately I lost. Very unhappy about that loss. Oh well, another try next month!

Not at the moment. I will have to see how it does once it gets planted in the new garden. I did not have enough time to really evaluate it at the old garden before we moved. So, we will see. The susceptibility to blackspot is what has me concerned. I am just trying to see how bad that susceptibility it is.

I would also have to agree with both of you about ‘St. Patrick’ as a seed parent. I did not try it that often. But, when I did, it was not cooperative. ‘Marilyn Monroe’ has been a bit hit or miss from me. I can usually get it to set…but germination of the resulting seeds has been very unreliable.

That should be fun!

I’ve often wondered if St. Patrick would be a good parent to cross with some pinks to reinforce a mauve color. S.P. has no orange overtones, so it would seem a good one for clarifying the mauves in a small fraction of offspring.

I’ll be curious if you get any “blues” amongst, what I suspect would yield a number of yellow blends and apricots…

Do keep us posted!


Apparently someone registered a seedling from the same cross in 2003?


St. Patrick is strange because, superficially, it looks like a dark yellow w/ green on it. But it actually quite pale with this rather odd melon tint that comes out in the heat.

I dunno, I think if I was working iwth Lynn Anderson, I’d cross it to a floribunda first and then back to an HT.

Example: [Lynn Anderson x Living Easy) x Elina]

Yes, I saw that Robert. Unfortunately there’s no picture, but his description is white with a yellow center. I’m hoping for a bit more interesting color than that. Blues and apricots would be nice, Philip. Yellows, I would think, would tend to be quite washed out as Jadae suggests. But hey, one never knows. A Lynn Anderson with a yellow/green center would be nice - like Lady E’owyn. Gotta say a prayer to the Rose Color Gods!

I just wish I had better luck with Lynn Anderson. My plant grew so straight up and tall with no lateral canes and the blooms were few and far between. They were mini-flora sized at best though the form was good. I just didn’t think the LA rose had enough good qualities if it’s own to pass along to offspring. I ended up SP’ing my LA bushes for lack of quality.


Looks like it took a lot of Sheer Elegance traits. Branching habit still looks poor. Too bad the color and form are out of this world on a so-so plant.

What a shame. Beautiful bloom, John!

Yes, another gorgeous rose on a stiff plant!

It is really interesting to read the comments in this thread as both of these roses grow quite differently here in the Pacific Northwest. Lynn Anderson will grow to 6 ft and bloom profusely, whereas St Patrick doesn’t grow well at all! We had one some years ago but shovel pruned it before the next season. Wish it would have done better as I really liked the color and the bloom, but if it doesn’t grow… Haven’t seen one in shows here in many years.

That’s why I decided years ago to breed roses that will do well in my area. That said, I’ve never cared for St Patrick though it thrives here.

And strangely enough, theyre both bred from Gold Medal, a rose that does really well here but also hates the wet winter soils.

FYI, Lynn Anderson is better as an own-root here. Ive noticed superior branching on it in that form.

St. Patrick, here, on the other hand, does better with a shovel shoved straight through it =/ It hates everything but July/August.

I never liked Gold Medal either.

I was working for Armstrong Garden Centers when it first came out. It holds a long time and will fade almost to white before it drops. Fragrance is disappointing.

Obviously I’m in the minority on this one. It never moved me. There’s something sort of sterile about it to me.

It’s merits are that it is easy to grow, blooms well for a yellow, has somewhat decent branching for a yellow, and, obviously, has exhibition form.

I hate the fading the most. I grow it up a high, well drained spot, but only for the blooms because I absolutely love yellow on roses. I found that odd because I think yellow is ugly in other plants and even clothing. At any rate, I dont use it in breeding. I cant stand fading in roses very well. It might be useful in making a white rose by crossing it with a fragrant, pale mauve. Which reminds me, too bad White Lightning was pretty much sterile for me. It had some of the most beautiful white blooms Ive ever seen.

I love yellow too. Check this out. It blossomed for me the first time for me a few days ago.

Check the last photo for the first fully open blossom.