Louis Bugnet; information, experiences & coments?

I would be interested in any information people could offer on Louis Bugnet.

It looks a good rose (judging by the photographs I have seen and what little information I can find), but I would like some more objective viewpoints than those offered by its retailers considering the effort required to import roses to the UK.

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This cultivar has sometimes been mistkakenly mis-named. It’s ‘Louise Bugnet’, not ‘Louis Bugnet’. A good, white, almost thornless rugosa. The flowers are similar to the more popular ‘Marie Bugnet’, but this cultivar has thorny canes. ‘Louise Bugnet’ may be more fertile as a pistillate parent than ‘Marie Bugnet’. The latter cultivar never sets hips. I’ve never thought about it much, but ‘Louise Bugnet’ (and its likely sister cultivar ‘Rita Bugnet’) may have potential for breeding thornless rugosas.

This is one I’ve been hoping to secure … though, does seem rather difficult to come by!


Thanks for the info Paul, looks like it may be worth the effort of tracking it down.

Though I suspect availability may be a problem particularly as I need to find a grower that can ship to the UK.

I did find one supplier that lists ‘Louise Bugnet’ (although they list it as ‘Louis Bugnet’) but they don

I should mention that it is a mystery how Georges Bugnet developed nearly thornless rugosas. ‘Louise Bugnet’, ‘Rita Bugnet’ and ‘Lac Majeau’(a lake near where he lived in Alberta)are all probably sister cultivars that have typical rugose foliage despite being relatively thornless. Bugnet worked with an extremely small gene pool to develop his roses and didn’t publish much about his cultivar developments. I can only speculate that Rosa blanda is in the pedigree of these cultivars via ‘Betty Bland’. It’s unlikely it is ‘Therese Bugnet’, since when this cultivar is hybridized with rugosas it modifies the rugose characteristic in the progeny.

For anyone wanting ‘Louise Bugnet’, I am probably the best source. Another source would be Hugh Skinner in Manitoba, but one probably would have to make special arrangements for him to ship plants.

Ooooo it could be used for a thornless groundcove or shrublet… somehow, hmmm…

Is it scented? Because scented landscape roses would be a plus.

So many possibilities. What would the likely ploidy be?

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I just sent you an e-mail regarding obtaining ‘Louise Bugnet’

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Please mail me if it doesn

If Mike Lowe has it (Lowes Roses), you may want to contact Ashdown Roses to see it Paul Z has one growing. Perhaps, if he does, he would be willing to make some starts for next year. Ashdowns has a pretty close relationship with Mike Lowe.


There is a source for Louis Bugnet in Danmark ( mail order to EU):