Looking for Unwanted Seeds

Having established my garden, I looked forward to harvesting some hips. Unfortunately, due to the lawnmower and the foraging of animals, I have a grand total of three from my entire garden.

I was wondering if anybody had any unwanted seeds that they would be willing to send me (I would pay, of course), so that I have something to do over the winter in regards to hybridization.

I suppose you want HTs etc. I am too cold for most of those roses. But I can get you wild Rosa woodsii which will cross with Rosa rugosa hybrids which I can also get you. If you are not interested, I will not be offended. These are from zone2 so they don’t do well in hot climates. Johannes

I can send you a number of hips full of seeds from some intersting roses.

Please send your address to my email account: s_fritz@hotmail.com

I’ll ship them to you, at no charge.

All I ask is that you send me a picture or two, if any of them turn out well.

Good Luck & thanks – Steve Fritz

I appreciate the offer! As I’m still very new to hybridizing, I think that I had best try and work with some more modern cultivars. Additionally, I live in zone 6b/7a so that might be too warm for those species. Thank you so much for your offer though!

@Martin_Fritz, I sent you an email regarding this - thank you so much for your kindness!