Looking for Unwanted Seeds

Having established my garden, I looked forward to harvesting some hips. Unfortunately, due to the lawnmower and the foraging of animals, I have a grand total of three from my entire garden.

I was wondering if anybody had any unwanted seeds that they would be willing to send me (I would pay, of course), so that I have something to do over the winter in regards to hybridization.

I suppose you want HTs etc. I am too cold for most of those roses. But I can get you wild Rosa woodsii which will cross with Rosa rugosa hybrids which I can also get you. If you are not interested, I will not be offended. These are from zone2 so they don’t do well in hot climates. Johannes

I can send you a number of hips full of seeds from some intersting roses.

Please send your address to my email account: s_fritz@hotmail.com

I’ll ship them to you, at no charge.

All I ask is that you send me a picture or two, if any of them turn out well.

Good Luck & thanks – Steve Fritz

I appreciate the offer! As I’m still very new to hybridizing, I think that I had best try and work with some more modern cultivars. Additionally, I live in zone 6b/7a so that might be too warm for those species. Thank you so much for your offer though!

@Martin_Fritz, I sent you an email regarding this - thank you so much for your kindness!

I’ve only recently stumbled across this site and am loving all the info on here. If I’m out of line here feel free to correct me.

If there is anyone else with extra seeds I’d be happy to pay something for them. I’m just getting started on this journey and don’t have a lot of my own to chose from ( currently have 2 bushes with more ordered for next spring) I figure if I’m going to invest the time and patience into 10 seeds ( what I’ve gathered from my own) if I can find some more somewhere I may as well add to it in the hopes of finding one or two worth keeping.
I especially like the David Austin roses but I’m not set on that’s what it has to be. I’m also in zone 4 so that’s something to think about to but I do have space to cover and bring inside if need be (I probably would that first yr anyway) all that being said I’m not set on those certain characteristics and would be willing to try any. if you can plant all you saved yourself I fully understand! It can become an addictive hobby