Looking for opinions on 'Plum Frost'

Does anyone have any experience with one and can comment on her disease resistance and fertility?

I would rate it average on all levels. Its a definite dwarf, like the style of Regensberg or Remembrance. It likely sets hips but I doubt it is a powerhouse. I could see how it would be useful for mauves.

As long as the mauve you’re after is the muddy, reddish version out of Heirloom J&P has been infamous for since that one came out. I’ve seen this can grown locally and it impressed me as another Purple Simplicity. Whispy flower stems on a so-so plant carrying muddy flowers which don’t really look great freshly opened. Kim

Looking to obtain purple more than mauve and based on the what you both have written here I’ll scratch this one of my ‘potentials’ list…

Thanks guys.

If you want the best blacspot money can buy, get Laveander Simplicity. I LOL’d so hard the year it came out. Mmmmm… Hedge o’ Blackspot.

If youw ant purple, consider multipurposing some roses for both your reds, russets, oranges and purples. Coffee Bean, like I said before, should give a huge range of all of the above. I imagine there are other choices out there too. Montezuma, for example, was a huge part of the newer purples out. Both it and its kid, Fragrant Plum, “purple up” in certain weather when they age.

I’ve grown Plum Frost for a couple of years and it’s losing its place in the ground this year to either Escapade or Blue for You, both of which are more bloomiferous plantsin that color range. Plum Frost has not impressed me at all.

Thanks for the laugh, Jadae. “Hedge’O Black spot” indeed! Here, it should actually be pretty…Rusty Gold and Muddy Purple. Kim

You guys are funny. lol I think I’m taking PF and Wild Rover off my list and replacing with Route 66 if I can get her. Between Midnight Blue, Ebb Tide and Route 66 I should be covered for purples.

Had an ‘Ebb Tide’ x ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ seedling germinate today…hoping for purple from that cross.

Ebb Tide X Rhapsody in Blue? Anyone want to wager it’s single and pink? LOL! Kim

Not necessarily… Double and fading purple maybe… with some pinks thrown in for good measure… all my OP Ebb Tide seedlings except one have been dark purple so far. See link to my blog… I haven’t bothered adding any of the others as they are pretty much carbon copies. I was pretty surprised to get a light pink from ‘Wild Rover’ x ‘Ebb Tide’ given every other seedling involving these two have been strong saturated dark colours in mostly purples and purple/orange.

Link: cherokeehill.blogspot.com/search/label/%27Ebb%20Tide%27

One can hope for purple doubles! :wink:

Moon within Tidal Waves x Baby Faurax were all lavender-pink climbers with very thin growth, by the way. They made good compost =p Shocking Blue can sport pink, which is usually not a positive sign for those looking for mauve and purple. Baby Faurax is known to breed that odd shade of lavender pink. Would crossing either to something else have improved the chance for purple? I have no clue. Big Purple w/ Harmonie made a pastel coffee colored rose so who knows. Its definitely the most difficult spectrum of colors in roses to predict which matches will be successful in promoting the desired color.

“Big Purple w/ Harmonie made a pastel coffee colored rose so who knows.”

I LIKE the sound of that. Any pinks I get will hit the compost heap as well…unless there is something outstanding otherwise to warrant keeping it.

Oddly both parents are powerhouses and the product is very weak as a plant.

I got ‘Plum Frost’ last year because it has ‘Sweet Chariot’ multiple times in its ancestry. I haven’t done any crosses with it yet. It is healthy here, but not very vigorous. Perhaps it lacks vigor because it is inbred. I was disappointed by the color which was more mauve-pink than purple. As long as I have it, I’ll probably try a few crosses with it this year.