Looking at the F2 generation

A hybridizer just starting out may get the impression that if a seedling does not have a world beater flower that it should be discarded. Unfortunately, that type of thinking has been a major contributer to the situation where we now need to spray, winter protect, fertilize heavily, bud on to a different rootstock, etc. (i.e. treat roses as very weak plants).

I suggest that you plant out all of the F1 crosses (if possible) and look for ability to rebloom (even if the flower is ugly), disease resistance, fertility, and vigour. Then cross these selected F1 plants (using both specific and mixed pollen) and also let some open pollinate to determine what potential there is in the F2 generation.

Another way of stating this is to suggest that you attempt to develop your own breeding lines. This will add another dimension to your hybridizing.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thank goodness some people out there think like that.



I really think this is how I would like to approach hybridizing. I don