Looking a blossom in the eye.

One of the sweetest benefits of living close to Elizabeth Park is that I can pop over and smooch pollen when my own well runs dry. Generally I don’t bring my camera along but happened to have it today. This is AARS trial #09R408.

As usual with my floral pictures, the blossom is blown out. Take my word for it that it has more color than it looks to (slightly mauvish). The blotch (or halo?) is cyanin red, unlike the typical hulthemia which is more crimson. However, the color of the buds is well represented.

Elizabeth Park? Lucky you! I have a friend who lives about a block away, lucky her too!

That is a most cool rose! Thanks for the picture.

Getting colors right in photographs is always a pain. Even digital cameras are made, like most color film, to make caucasian people look more pink than orange, so I almost always end up fiddling with the colors of my roses in the GIMP (like Photoshop, but better, faster, and free). Mauves are particularly difficult to get right.

Beautiful blooms and healthy looking foliage … very nice!


This may be the same one, in the Portland, Oregon International Test Rose Garden, though I had it written down as 07R408, I could have transcribed it wrong.

Link: www.flickr.com/photos/fuzzyjay/3613170802/

I really like this one too here in the AARS trials in Minnesota. It sure has a lot of blooms on it and a nice compact plant habit. The buds have some yellow to them. It looks like it is the rose on the webpage of Weeks.

This is what it looks like in Oregon in the Fall:

It seems to be mildew prone Sept/Oct here.

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