List of Moore roses at TAMU

Nat, might there be a list of Ralph’s material you know are in the fields at TAMU, please? Interest has been expressed. It would probably generate requests, perhaps even ‘sales’, if people knew what was actually there. Thanks.

Hi Kim,

We have all rose materials listed in our Access dbase. However, I can’t wholesale send it out because it would be very confusing and take lots of explanations. (And, we’re talking multiple sheets, not just one.)

I’ve been working on the data and trying to get it into an easy to understand format in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, I just need to make sure (through Dr. Byrne) which ones are acceptable for public viewing. (I suspect most will be, but I just want to double check and make sure!)

IF we are not super busy within the next week, I should be able to get the list together. However, since we’ve had some very warm weather lately, the peaches are starting to bloom. (That means peach pollinations are starting soon!!!)

I will keep you posted on the progress, and hopefully it won’t take too long.

Thank you.