Lawrence Johnston Sterile?

My LJ hips are turning brown. I think the pollen is fertile enough but when I pollenate LJ with the lovely yellow dust from other roses they never grow but turn brown in July. This year I kept the BS off LJ with spraying it with a fertiizer called “Will Grow” it has Humic Acid which also killed those darn sap sucking aphids.

Brian in Portland,Oregon

Hey Brian. Hillsboro here.


I remember having the same thing happen with Lawrence Johnston. The hips would always brown and drop, but I was able to use its pollen (just like you). Hope you get some seedlings, one way or the other. Tom

Thanks for the comfirmation.I have this rose because of being an early Yellow Climber,but its down fall is the BS problem and it is a once bloomer. I have put the pollen on New Dawn and other yellow climbers to see if I could get something new.

Thanks Brian