La rose et l'armure - Antoine Elie: A little different suggestion

Hello to all ! I would like to direct your attention primarily to this unique french rose song! It is a lovely homage to the rose. The accompanying film story would be also worth seeing for us breeders.

‘La rose et l’armure’, Antoine Elie, is a lyric soundtrack in the movie ‘La Fine Fleur’, Comédie dramatique de Pierre Pinaud, 2020. This comedy describes entertaining and very charming the heights and depths of smaller rose breeders and offers some true-to-life insights into this profession and the frequent fight for survival.

Here are some additional facts about the film:

This film premiered on 29 August 2020 at the Angoulême Film Festival. It was subsequently screened at several francophone or bilingual film festivals in Canada, including the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival and the Abitibi-Témiscamingue International Film Festival. It is slated to premiere commercially in 2021.


Hi Roseus!
Thank you for sharing that song!
I haven’t watched this movie yet, but somebody brought it up on the Houzz rose forum a little while ago. “Formerly RBEHS Z10A/S17” reviewed it and said it was fun, but she pointed out a few annoying inaccuracies:
(Quoting her post here)

"1. The main character says that R. wichuraiana has never been hybridized!

  1. She steals a rose called “The Lion” from a corporate breeder (maybe based on Meidiland?) that she states is very fragrant and bred by Pernet-Ducher in 1848! It looks like a modern yellow hybrid tea.

  2. She plans on submitting a rose to Bagatelle a year after planting the seedling."

In spite of that, I’ll probably end up watching it at some point!

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Hi SeasideRooftop!

Many thanks for your esteemed comments. I can only say that it is a comedy in which human weaknesses are portrayed and apparent conflicts are resolved in a cheerfully superior manner. Therefore this film production does not claim to be a factual report.
Even without having experienced this concrete situation oneself, one could very well understand the different emotions and conflict situations of each rose breeder with himself and especially within the existing competitive pressure of the professional world in a sympatic and playful manner.


Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It’s free on Prime (title changed for English as “The Rose Maker”), so I’ll check it out tonight.

Thank you for sharing this information. This film looks delightful. And the song…lovely!

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Exactly :wink:

The “corporate breeder” parts was shot in our production site, and the main character house was shot at Dorieux site. Me and Mathias Dorieux were cracking up when we saw it.

French comedy is always about ‘small is beautiful’, artist needs to starve and die before they became recognized but it was a delight to inspire the “bad guy” :rofl:

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Truth is stranger than fiction … enjoyed the movie … blushed over the liberties because gave me a flash back in history l still laugh about … excerpt from a Canadian writer and rosarian “Walter LeMire


By Walter LeMire

From … The Canadian Rose Grower

This is a story of a rose from yesterday that wore a mask of many names, return back to the times when ONLY roses registered with the American Rose Society were accepted in their competitions. The Great Outlaw was germinated more than forty years ago. Up to that time the most perfect stage of beauty was only seen either in manuals or for only a fleeting moment in real roses. This seedling held its high center in perfect symmetrical form long enough that an artists’ perception could be painted in three dimensional colour…still, it held…

The story of The Great Outlaw is true. Only my fond memories of the times and people from yesterday could or may change a few dates.