Is it just on that bloom, or am I seeing something because I want to see it, but I think I see five-fold symmetry there that harkens back to the five sepals, etc.

Have you ever seen a seedling where the blotch colors came through and overwhelmed the predominant petal color?

Great seedlings Jim! From your photos it looks like the blotch trait programs a pattern of anthocyanin accumulation and that affects the entire spectrum of anothcyanins. You know how some roses have yellow eyes, where anthocyanins fail to accumulate, I wonder if this is just a different allele of this gene?


Hi Ann, I am working on making the blotch bigger. I hope to get it to cover most of the petal. L241 probably has more than 50% of the distance along the petal covered from the apex outward by the blotch.

Liz, thanks for the comments! The genetics will be interesting to try to decipher. Roses with yellow eyes seem more reluctant to show the blotch in their offspring when crossed with the Hulthemias.

Jim Sproul