Kordes recent landscape roses

I’ve been hearing some good things about these roses. I would love to learn others experiences with them. This past spring I got some of the Vigorosa series and also Brilliant Veranda. By the end of the summer they were still holding up very nicely against blackspot. They were planted a little late in the season, but grew well. It sounds like now with whatever arrangement Kordes had with J&P being severed as Kordes’ US introducer, more Kordes roses can enter the US market. From my limited understanding it seems like in the early 1990’s they stopped spraying their seedlings and have made amazing progress towards health. It sounded like their ‘Weiss Immensee’ which is so blackspot resistant is in the background of much of this healthy material.

I tried some of the Tantau roses last year that I got at a local box store (‘Glacier Magic’, ‘Caramba’, ‘Creme Brule’) and they were fair. GM grows slow and had awkward plant form, but is healthy. ‘Caramba’ blackspotted very badly very fast.

I would LOVE to learn people’s experience with the Fairytale, Vigorosa, and Veranda series. I heard there is also a push of hardier hybrid teas/“English” roses for local outdoor cut rose production. I heard of a gentleman in Mississippi that is working for the university that has a trial of them in and one of them, ‘Grand Amore’, a red one won a big award in a rose trial in Las Angeles. I heard Wayside will be carrying some of these for the retail market.

I’m excited about all these roses and would love to learn more about them.



Lions Rose and Eliza were bs free, no spray, last summer here in bs heaven.

Aprikola and Postilliion were bs free, no spray, in my bs heaven.

Floral Faity Tale was mostly healthy for me this year, but Laguna (ADR climber), advertized as very BS resistant was covered in spots. BS pressure here in MD is very high.


Kordes breeding for desease resistance is outstanding as is how they rate desease succeptibility in their commercial catalogs. Among new introductions some are said to have high resistance when others are stated quite succeptible. Ratings that are eventually corrected and rather dependable.

Tantau site also recently rated some vars.

Floral Fairy Tale initially was and is every spring outstanding for healthyness here but come summer warmth and health is gone…

Aprikola allways spots for me.

I planted Golden Gate this past spring. It grew quite well, no black spot, but full of mildew all season.