keeping the humidity high when pollinating

After I pollinate, I cover the flower with a 2 inch by 2 inch zip lock clear plastic bag. See:

The scientific article below discusses the importance of keeping the humidity high around the pollinated flower.


Thanks Henry, that link wasn’t good but here’s a new one:


Perhaps that explains the extremely low take rate here in the desert after April! I was assuming it was the heat, but perhaps not.

Wow Henry…that is almost exactly what I do! I use the regular sandwich baggies and cut the corners off for a little venting. I then use my twistie tag (that is marked with the cross) to secure it in place. However, I usually take the bag off after a few days (once I think that the initial process has completed), rather than leave it in place through hip maturity. I think the little baggies poking out all over the garden would drive me nuts if I left them all in place. LOL

Very interesting article…thanks for posting it.

I do that when its raining and take them off when it quits. The issue in my area that it is already humid here. Roses like Tiffany will start to set and literally just rot.