Karlsruhe - seedling of R. kordesii

Does anyone know if this seedling of R. kordesii is available or is anyone growing it that can speak to it’s use as a seed/pollen parent? I find the bloom form very attractive.

I dont but I have it’s close relation, Rosarium Utersen. It doesnt accept pollen well but it’s pollen works well. I got it to take on Paddy Stephens this year. Im not sure what I was thinking but I was glad to get seeds reguardless.

My guess is that Rosarium Utersen’s unknown half is also a direct kordesii hybrid. So, other than poor hip fertility, Rosarium Utersen may be an easier route to go.

Roarium Utersen got large here. It has many large prickles and the color is an unusually harsh pink I’m not fond of. I made the decision a few days ago to remove my specimen.

The base of some of the 12’ canes were close to 3" accross. I found one large well formed OP hip but decided not to try to sow any seed.

I felt a bit guilty removing it as it is so amazingly healthy but it’s taking up too much space and I have no desire to use it in breeding.

Botanica’s Encyclopedia of Roses has Karlsruhe’s parentage as Rosa kordesii X Golden Glow. I have not been able to locate it for sale.

Robert - I’m sorry to hear of the removal of your Rosarium Utersen. Twelve foot canes are only a dream here, my R U grew one 5 foot cane this summer which was filled with flowers. But for breeding purposes it really is a dog. If you still have that op hip I would be very glad to try my luck at sowing the seeds since this is one rose that is quite winter hardy and shows some promise of climbing in this zone. Also I think that the cold temps really brings out the silvery sheen to tone down the harsh pink.

I was thinking about that hip last nite. I really should have saved it but talked myself out of it. It could very likely have been pollinated by a nearby Austin which sounds very beautiful indeed.

You should have. I remember why I used Paddy Stephens. The color would have helped and they both have astounding foliage. I tried Geoff Hamilton on it once but obviously failed. I should try Jude the Obscure x Rosarium Utersen next year.

Thanks for the Rosarium Utersen suggestion Jadae. It too has a nice bloom form and sounds like it would be easier to obtain. I’m also looking to cross with some of the Austin roses. Paddy Stephens x RU sounds like it might have been a good mix.

Thank you for the more complete parentage Lori. The Rosa kordesii X Golden Glow parentage is the same as Leverkusen so I might look at going back to that one as a color preference. I grew it 4 years ago and remember it being pretty decent as a parent but don’t remember how it faired when it came to disease resistance.

Also same parentage as Ile Krohn (Superior) which I plan on ordering this spring. It grows like a pillar at Washington Park.

Thanks again Jadae. I forgot about that one. A pillar rose may be of more use to me due to space limitations here. I grew Ilse Krohn Superior as well about 4 years but didn’t get a chance to use it as a parent before I moved.

No prob. I think theyre worth reinvestigating :slight_smile:

I cant breed for total cold hardiness because Im zone 8b. I only know when something is highly intolerant of cold (Just Joey, French Lace, Brandy, Noisettes, Banksias, etc.) or highly intolerant of being water saturated during the winter(Rosa foetida, Queen Charolette, Gold Medal, St. Patrick, etc.). When Im working with kordesii’s I know there is a high chance of avoiding this while retaining overall garden (I could care less about picky exhibitors desires) aesthetics =)

I appreciate the input Jadae. Like you, I am more concerned about garden aesthetics than exhibition qualities. I’m also a fan of the antique style blossoms and in addtion to the known kordesii traits, that was the attraction to Karlsruhe when I saw pics of it. I may go back to some of the Buck roses like Prairie Sunrise and Prairie Star for antique style blooms, drought tolerance and winter hardiness. Out of Yesteryear is looking good to me too for disease resistance. All would fit my space requirements too. Thanks again.

Mixing in the Buck roses is an excellent idea imo. I saw some Honeysweet’s at Washington Park (recently planted) and thought that those, among other orange-y buck’s, would be great mixed into modern shrubs/climbers.

Another idea is to use Shadow Dancer which is similar in habit to Rosarium Utersen but less quartered and has stripes. It is 75% Dortmund, 25% mini. I got Carefree Marvel x Shadow Dancer to set this year. If they germinate I will put the pollen of that onto a modern shrub or floribunda of some sort. Too bad Scentimental is a poor seed parent!

I’m a big fan of many of the Buck roses. I have some Folksinger x Lemon Delight, Seafoam x Applejack, Prospertity x Applejack seeds as well as OP seeds from Wild Ginger, Square Dancer and Sevelliana.

Shadow Dancer is a great suggestion. It sure has beautiful striped petals. I never had any luck with Scentimental myself.

You got Prosperity to set? I had always assumed it was infertile for some irrational reason or another.

I should try Rosarium Utersen on Carefree Marvel next year. Ground cover kordesii’s seems fascinating, too. Too bad about the thorns though.

I didn’t get Prosperity to set often but it did take Applejack pollen.

RU x CM is an interesting cross. You’re right about those thorns!