Julie Overom's Cherry Frost is the big winner of the Biltmore Trials this year!!!

Congratulations Julie!!!

Cherry FrostTM (‘Overredclimb’) is an incredible rose. It is also an A.R.T.S.(R) award winner for multiple regions for 2021 as well, which is a national trial with several locations across the country!! I love it for its health, vigor, and abundant clusters of gorgeous double clear red blooms that hold their color from start to finish. It blooms prolifically all throughout the season. For me in the North it makes a wonderful large free standing shrub. I look forward to seeing more photos of it in the South where it is trained as a mannerly climber. I love that this rose brings together genetics from Dr. Svejda, Dr. Buck, and miniature roses and is such a broadly adapted and incredible rose.

The other award winners this year I really like too and there are multiple winners from Meilland International. I’ve been growing PinkerbelleTM the past couple years and love it. I love stippled roses and it sets hips easily. I’m just getting to know Sweet SpiritTM and really like that one too and there is a nice discussion on the forum about it.

Congratulations again to RHA member Julie Overom for your rose taking top place at Biltmore!!

Here is a link to the article Cherry Frost named Most Outstanding Rose - Nursery Management

Great news! And so well-deserved.

Congratulations, Julie! Well done! Isn’t it interesting how many really hardy, really healthy triploids there are now?

Good job, Julie.

Way to go. Congrats :clap:!

Thanks to all for your kind wishes. I have to admit to being completely blown away by the results of this trial but it is truly thrilling news for me. Cherry Frost has not been on the market for very long so I have been in a kind of holding pattern while I wait for it to be out there long enough to find out what kind of public perception it is attracting. That takes time–it does not happen overnight. Trials like this one (the Biltmore International Trials)–and also the A.R.T.S testing–really do a service for the breeder, the introducing agency, and also the public in bringing good roses to their attention. I am grateful to Star Roses for taking a chance on Cherry Frost, all those kind people who have provided positive feedback, the judges who take regular time out of their schedules to judge these plants, and also the people of this forum for the encouragement you have provided and continue to provide.

Thank you all again,


I grow Cherry Frost and love it. I’m using it as a parent as well. Congratulations on a job well done and good luck to you with the marketing!

That’s the best kind of response, Rob. We all hope to create something beautiful for others to enjoy! Thank you! Julie

That’s the best kind of response, Rob. We all hope to create something beautiful for others to enjoy! Thank you! Julie