Joseph's Coat seedlings?

I was wondering if anyone has experience with seedlings from Joseph’s Coat. I don’t see from its parents where it gets its climbing habit but I didn’t check back any further than the immediate parents.

What kinds of seedlings have you gotten from it, either OP or hybridized? Is the germination rate good? Color? Scent?

I found a few nice ripe hips on a plant at the Washington Park Rose Garden yesterday and had to rescue them. I like to try a few OP seeds of a variety I’m interested in to see what it is capable of, and sometimes I see potential and decide to buy one and try it as a parent. This one at least seems to be a good hip producer.

Randy Hughes, Vancouver, Wa


I’ve never used Joseph’s Coat as a parent, but I did use one of its parents, Circus, back in the '70s, and I’d expect similar results from it (color range, etc). The climbing tendency probably comes from its grandparent, Capt. Thomas, through Buccaneer. Capt. Thomas is well known for his/her child Golden Showers (which I’ve also used as a parent). If there’s a family similarity to Golden Showers in the seeds, expect big seeds (with thick coats) that take a little longer than usual to germinate but do germinate very well.

Joseph’s coat had I think be used by well known french old rose specialist Andr

Hello Randy! I live 15 miles west of the Metro Park. As for Joseph’s Coat, as well as what they described above with one parent, it’s other parent seems to have secrets too. Circus is 1/4 Hybrid Musk which shows because it was used in other popular climbers such as White Cockade and Westerland/Autumn Sunset. All of which, seem to be short climbers. Erfurt could also be considered a climber, which has the same Hybrid Musk parent as Circus has (Eva). There really isnt much difference in some climbers in comparison to some shrubs, hybrid musks and noisettes. Classification seems to be more about aesthetics than science.


Thanks, Folks, I always like learning new stuff…Anyone else have comments?