John James' roses

Does anyone know where to obtain roses bred by the late John James of Avon, OH?

Here is a reply to the same question made a few years ago, in 1998 I think:

John James died March 12, 1998. I don’t know where you can get his roses. Some of them sound really interesting. I tried to write to him in June 1998, but he had died nearly 3 months earlier. Mike and Marge Spatafore, 2600 Joseph St, Avon, OH 44011, might be able to tell you something about the disposition and/ or availability of his roses. Marge is his daughter. According to his obituary, he wrote books on hybridization.

If you find a few roses, let us know. I am looking out for them, although I’ve never wrote to Mike or Marge before.



Jim, any success?