John Davis and Viking Queen

Has anyone tried J.D.or a pistillate parent? Also, any idea what their ploidy is? J.D. has been a good pollen parent, but as a pistillate parent I only get O.P.hips. The best I’ve done with V.Q. as pistillate parent is with Rambling Red. Otherwise she’s not too cooperative. I’d appreciate you’re input. Thanks, Brad.

Hi Brad!

I’ve had the same experience with John Davis as a female. It seems to be like William Baffin in that respect. I raised some of its op hips one year and was surprised that two of the seedlings really segregated for characteristics typical of R. laxa, a rose in the background of John Davis if I remember right. These seedlings were semidouble and blush white with the fragrance and more bluish green foliage of R. laxa. From a pollen diameter screen I did in the past, John Davis has the diameter typical for a tetraploid.

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David.Thank you for your response.I forgot to add,I’ve had the same experience with William Baffin and John Cabot.Looking back on my records,Viking Queen was also good female with Henry Kelsey and Morden Blush.I ended up with no seed set on female x John Davis(this was a suprise),Graham Thomas and Golden Celebration.I’ve had poor seed set with Morden Blush,Abraham Darby and John Davis(no suprise here,nothing) as female x V.Q. as pollen. Thanks again,Brad.