Joan Monteith's Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel

I was able to take pictures recently and added them to HMF. I’m not sure yet if this repeats blooms as it’s the beginning of my first season with this one. Maybe Joan could comment on that. I’m using it as a parent both ways using Purple Tiger, Therese Bugnet, Pat Austin, Abraham Darby, Be Bop, and Rhapsody in Blue so far. The health of this one is fantastic and I love the coloring of new leaves and stems. Whereas both R. rugosa and R. glauca have smooth bud/hips these are well mossed…I think it would be described as moss. Thank you for the rooted sucker Joan.



Great pictures on link. What are its full grown dimensions expected to be. It sounds like it is bullet proof which always gets my attention here in blackspot central.

Bob Williams New Orleans

Thank you Robert. I’m not sure about the expected growth dimensions. I received a rooted cutting from Joan last fall. The plant that I have is about 1.5 feet so far. I’d be happy to try to root a cutting for you if you’d like or send you plant material this fall. My rooting talents leave much to be desired.

I also received a Rugosa #3 plant from Joan this spring. I’ll post pics of that in the near future. It’s putting out new growth now. I’m looking forward to working with both of these plants.



Would love a cutting for my daughter Adair. I am the executive hybridizer – I give directions, and like all well brought up children she follows them without question or hesitation. If you have children then you know the truth of what I say. Fara Shimbo has just mailed her two rooted cuttings today. I have a bunch of Joycie’s and a couple of Incantations that should be good seed parents, but only about four pollen parents and not even enough space for another miniature! Fortunately, Adair has a big yard and wants to try everything and she is especially fond of single roses. She also has a bunch of Joycie’s and Incantations, but countless others as well. Would greatly appreciate your kind offer to expand the diversity of what she has. Just let me know shipping cost this fall and when you need address info.

What I’m really hoping for is one of Timo’s “BMW’s.”

Many thanks, Bob in New Orleans

Excellent Bob. I’ll send some cuttings this fall for Adair. Please remind me this fall so that I don’t miss sending them. I think this plant should be shared because it is so disease free (in my garden). I also think the ‘mossing’ on the buds is pretty cool. The flower is attactive agains the foliage as well. I think Joan told me that it doesn’t set OP hips but I’m leaving some flowers to see if it does. I’ve used it in a number of crossing as both seed/pollen parent too.


I may have spoken too soon. This plant is exhibiting some leaf drop of about 25% of the leaves. It reminds me of what I observed from R. glauca when I grew it. I was hoping for better disease resistance from this one. It has not set any OP hips but there are some hips of Be Bop x (Rugosa #3 x Louis Riel) that look like they have taken. All of the crosses using this plant as the female plant aborted eventually.

Rob, I have uploaded some pics of Rugosa #3 if you would like to see them.

I had no success with it, but it’s a VERY attractive plant with very slight mildewing.

But today, I see at least one single hip of it with pollen of R. kordesii X Dr. Basye’s Amphidiploid.

Perhaps this was successful because my seedling is related distantly to the rugosas-- making it a little bit more compatible than other roses.

I hope for success… this could produce a tetraploid rugosa seedling with several generations of rugosa in it.



You took some great pics of this plant. Thank you for posting them. R#3 is new for me this season so I’ve not seen blooms yet and it’s nice to see what I can expect. It is an attractive plant. Hopefully I will see some blooms this season. Right now it’s putting out new growth.

Your cross is a great one. I hope that it will take and that you get something very interesting from it. I have several seedlings of (Rugosa #3 x R. glauca) x OP with one that bloomed while very young. I’m hoping it is a repeat bloomer. It’s very healthy and the first bloom was semi-double. I’m not sure what the ploidy is on this one.

I also have one (Rugosa #3 x R. glauca) x OP seedling that has very nice glauca type foliage on new leaves. I’m waiting to see what the mature leaves look like. It’s just now putting out new growth.

Good luck with your cross on R3#. Keep us posted.


I forgot to mention that the (Rugosa #3 x R. glauca) x OP seedlings that I have were obtained from Joan.

Despite having little or no disease pressure, Louis Riel goes through several major defoliations each year. R. glauca and the LR seedling have never done that for me.

Rob–I hope the pollen works for you!


This one has bounced back very nicely and putting out new growth. So far the Be Bop hips that I used pollen from this on are still holding on. I’ll keep you posted.