Jim Sproul is this seedling virused?

After reading about your experience with striped roses, I happened to go to your link below:


For the picture labeled: “The seedling below had variegated foliage.”

Did you check it for viruses? Do you know if either parent was virused? Any other comments?

Hi Henry,

Variegated foliage shows up now and then in new seedlings. It does not look anything like any of the virus presentations that I have seen on roses. It behaves like many other plants that show variegation in that the plants tend to revert to the non-variegated form and without care, you can lose the variegation (the normal foliage tends to have more vigorous growth). The seedling on my website was discarded because the varieagated foliage tended to burn in the sun. I have another one this year that I am watching.

I have not checked these for viruses, but do not think that they are virused. However, as you may have seen in my other comments elsewhere, I do think that stripes in roses are influenced by a virus or remnant of a virus.

Jim Sproul

I wonder if 'Verschuren’s variegated foliage is from virus or is it a genuine genetic trait. I suspect the latter, as its variegation looks just like variegation in many other genuses, not at all like RMV markings.

RMV is a group name for a number of viruses. The symptoms (leaf markings) vary all over the place particularly where there are more than one virus present.

Please note: the following Google search may contain pictures that are misidentified as RMV.

Link: images.google.com/images?hl=en&lr=lang_en&safe=off&sa=1&q=%22rose+mosaic+virus%22+%2Brmv+&btnG=Search+Images&aq=f&oq=


Have you ever seen the foliage of ‘Verschuren’???

I have only seen pictures and some appear to vary significantly in their “variegation”. Is there a temperature effect to the appearance of the “variegation”?

One point that I found interesting is that there is at least one report that Verschuren can pass the variegated foliage to some of its seedlings.