Jean-Pierre Vibert II's Roses

It frustrates me that Jean-Pierre Vibert II in France seems to be continuing his ancestor’s work of breeding with gallicas, and yet none of his plants seems to have come stateside. It’ so disappointing to think that a bevy of modern gallicas and other OGR hybrids are basically either unreachable or unknown to us here in America and or really, really expensive to get a hold of just to get them from France!

Such a shame! There are ones there that look really interesting from a breeding standpoint don’t you think?


Just as frustrating than for us Europeans when looking for i.e. Paul Barden roses…

Jean-Pierre Vibert II’s Roses have actually very confidential distribution. I am aware of only one (little known) nursery that grow some.

Go to:

There is one page about Roses ‘Vibert’

I remember in the late 1990s the Generosas (from France) were being sold in some weird partnership with Martha Stewart through KMart of all places. I was confused as to what they were at the time (this was before HMF), so I never took a further look. I wish I had cause a few look cool and may have had potential.

Uncommon roses to America come and go like El Nino lol.


Those Generosas that I bought all had major RMV problems so keeping them alive for the long run was iffy.


Good to know. Oh well, I cant stand Martha Stewart or her taste anyhow. It was an unfortunate combination of marketing and decent roses varieties. Maybe some day the likes of Belle d’Espinouse sans RMV will show its face in America. That would be a good seller if it has better vigor and less blackspot than Purple Tiger.

There is a new and comprehensive source in France for the wonderful roses of Jean-Pierre Vibert II that I would like to share. You can find the list in detail under the catalogue button:

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Oh MY!!!

Being Canadian is handy here, as I’m able to read French, even though i cannot speak it. Lmao

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I love portlands, so hoping this is a mistake in regards to once flowering on helpmefind?

I planted this variety this winter…I will see if it repeats


That’s amazing, please post pictures when it flowers! Did you get his other Portland… Fleurantine Médard’ . Less flashy but according to helpmefind slightly more remontant

I grow several varieties of JPVII but Fleurentine doesn’t interest me.

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Which other ones did you get?

Must be a mistake. Roses Loubert categorize it as remontant.

So has it flowered yet…? Any pictures please

the first rose bloomed yesterday


Very exciting, please continue to fill us on rebloom, pollen, hips etc. As at the moment I might have to swim the channel for it