Jar-culture of rose seed (achene extracted).

This rose seed was jar-cultured 5 days ago, after first removing the achene with the box-cutter. The inner seed coat was deliberately left untouched. Voila!

That is so wonderful George, you did it! We now know we do not have to extract the embryo from the seed coat, it not only saves time but also our sanity…LOL.

Hi Jeanie.

It also means some rose seed (achene exrtacted) that would have inevitably been killed trying to further extract the very delicate seed coat, will now have a good chance to germinate safely in a jar, or potting mix, or whatever else people’s favourite germination system happens to be !

Have a nice day all!

Here, a clearer view of the same rose seed, as it currently appears in jar culture-

Here the same seed at 7 days post jar-culture. The crest of the looped stem is hidden inside the seed coat, and has looped out to reveal a rootlet. The cotyledons are also begining to open out.

The other seeds in this jar (which were also cultured without touching their seed coats), have less indirect damage to their seed coats from the box-cutter achene removal, and they too are germinating.

Have a nice weekend all!

Interesting that you and Don are running parallel threads. I have gone over what both of you have written and read over Don’s information ( We site PDF File) several times. I have managed to destroy at least a hundred seeds of Honey Perfume and Scarlet Knight. But…

I am seeing a few successful extractions show some green. I’m sure that a couple have mangeled radicals but the cotyledons are getting green, so I guess I’ll wait and see. Four days seems to be the magic number of days for green to begin to appear.

I didn’t use any type of treatments for bacteria/fungus and one jar turned to mush. Oh well. I like using the plastic baggie more than the baby food jar, but that’s just a personal preference.

Thanks to you and Don for providing the information.


P.S. My wife honestly believes that I have totally lost all sense of reality and she’s blaming you and Don. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff.

Be careful to not damage the radicle, this really is the main reason the extractions fail and you get ‘mush’.

I have finished my little ‘blog’ here about extractions, as it has become overkill!!

See you in other threads, enjoy rest of the weekend!

Oh while I remember, here is another improvement on the jar method of embryo culture:

Take the baby food jar you choose for the culture, and fill the bottom with an amount of water about half the thickness of a finger…then apply the freshly extracted (wet) embryos onto the side of the jar (they will immediately cling on to the side of the glass jar for many days as they grow, and they don’t slip down until they put on weight, when it is time to plant them). Seal the jar with its lid, and you now have a 100% humidity chamber that needs no further fiddling!