Jadae... regarding Nahema...

Hi Jadae,

I remember you asking about ‘Nahema’ and whether it was an improvement over ‘Heritage’ and thought I’d give you an update.

In its first year here it has reached about 5-6ft high and has flowered well. The blooms are nicely fragrant and borne in clusters. I haven’t sprayed it at all this year and it has been clean all year. It’s Autumn here now so the leaves are starting to look a bit tired but are still clean and it’s still flowering nicely (see my HMF link). There has been no sign of mildew on it at any time this year (when others have been covered). The encouraging news is it has set a TRUCKLOAD of huge OP hips this year (and it’s strange you know… none of the early spring flowers set hips but nearly all of the mid-late summer hips have set and some of the autumn ones seem to have set as well… probably won’t have time to mature but it’s still trying) and its pollen has worked on other things as well. I’ll harvest all the OP hips this year and see how they germinate and am looking forward to sowing the ‘Altissimo’ x ‘Nahema’ seeds. ‘Heritage’ has also been growing nicely but not as well as ‘Nahema’ and not as cleanly (though not as bad as I was expecting from Paul Barden’s comments on its lack of performance in his area). It would be interesting to see how ‘Nahema’ goes in your ‘temperate rainforest’ you speak about :slight_smile: I am thinking next season I will try ‘Many Happy Returns’ pollen on ‘Nahema’ to see what I get.

Link: helpmefind.com/plant/l.php?l=21.113685