Jacques Cartier as seed and pollen parent.

At the end of the season there are usually one or to hips with seeds on my Jacques Cartiers, and to me this is suprising when I think of the number of petals that are tightly packed together in the flower.

Some times when weater is good and warm the flower can with a bit of help open fully.

This is my favorite rose, and I would like to sow the seeds I can get from my JC-roses. This rose is unusually healthy and give lots of flowers during the summer and early automn.

Last automn I planted a rose which have much the same flower form as Jacques Cartier, but larger , Antonie Shurz (Geschwind). It is classified as a remontant and has the best flowers ever !

If I can make this work I will try to cross these two roses using either of them as pollen or seed parent.

Does anybody know if Jacques Cartier has been used in breeding ?

HelpMeFind.com lists only White Jacques Cartier, a sport. The field is open for innovation.

The rose that I have and which has been identified as Marchesa Boccella (Jacques Cartier) has not been a viable parent. I’ve tried to use it in the past with a variety of pollen with no success to set hips. I also used its pollen on various roses with no results.

For a rose with somewhat similar frequency of rebloom and habit you might try the pollen from Comte d Chambord.

Good luck with your efforts.

Perhaps a cross between Comte de Chambord and Antonie Schurz are a better choise then ? I am hoping for ruffled flat flowers like Jacques Cartier, and those healthy leafs would be a pluss to.

I live almost next door to a fairly large rosarium and there are kept bees not to far away also, so it is impossible to know where the pollen that makes the seeds on my Jacques Cartiers come from. I have never tried to control the pollination on them. Perhaps I have to setle for what nature gives on this rose, and make the best of it.

Perhaps it is those very difficult to open flowers that makes this rose impossible to use. I have to do some reading and try to find a rose that at least on theory should be compatable to the pollen of Jacques Cartier.

Comte de Chambord is a rose with many virtues, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Jacques Cartier for disease resistance. If Jacques Cartier is difficult to use as a parent, I would recommend trying to grow some of the seed you find in its open-pollinated hips - the seedlings might be more fertile, and still carry some of the best qualities of JC. Maybe any unknown pollen parent(s) will actually turn out to be a good match.

If you grow Comte de Chambord anyway, it doesn’t hurt to use it and see if you can’t cross it with something that might contribute better black spot tolerance.