J5 Ploidy?

Has anyone confirmed the ploidy of J5? I’ve heard reports that it is a triplod because it’s pollen parent Hazeldean is a triploid but I don’t know if J5’s ploidy has has been confirmed. Some of my last years seedlings have J5 as the pollen parent and I was just curious as what to expect from them.


Hi Paul,

I wasn’t able to get a plant going of it sadly from the starts sent to me. I’d be glad to check it if I can get one.



Thanks David,

Hopefully you’ll be able to get a plant of J5 from someone. If you can’t get a plant of J5, maybe checking the ploidy of several of my seedlings may help determine J5’s ploidy.


I will attempt to propagate my plant of J5 later this Summer and will gladly supply root tips for testing as soon as I can.

Thanks Paul, that would be great.