ivory warrior

Has any one done any work (seed or pollen)with Ivory Warrior. I have just purchased it for my Carolina mountain home (much colder than New Orleans) because the description sounded like a rose I could love because it doesn’t require a lot of love since I am only up here 3 months a year – fortunately that includes spring/early summer pollination time and fall hip time – and I trusted its creator.

Hi Robert, you’re right, Ivory Warrior doesn’t require a lot of love. It’s a tough rose. I’m sorry to say I haven’t explored it as a breeder.

It’s one of those seedlings that came out of early experiments I was doing with Country Dancer. It seemed too good to let go.

I’m guessing it would be best for pollen if you care to experiment.

I’ve still got many seedlings of Country Dancer under evaluation. Sorry I can’t offer more information. I wish I had the time and space to explore them all.

Country Dancer is great variety, so Ivory Warrior pobably is too.

CD is good seed & pollen parent, even ops, which are often white or blush; my best 07 seedling was CD X Earth Song which is a very prolific ogr style red, just as healthy as parents.

Robert & Dave:

Thanks for info, but every answer creates a new problem – now I have to add Country Dancer to my wish list. Just this morning my wife was saying (in a sarcastic tone) Are there any nurseries you haven’t bought out yet? – and she hasn’t even seen next season’s wish list – and fortunately won’t see most of it as I am send almost all of them to my daughter out of town. Thanks again,

Bob of New Orleans, but now in N.C.

I can attest Country Dancer is extremely fertile, so much so that I removed it last season so as not to be tempted to use it further.

I’ve got too many seedlings associated with it now. I need more genetic diversity or I would explore it further.

It’s a good one to start with as it’s very easy and rewarding.

Most seedlings exhibit good vigor.


Very useful info. As Adair and I are real novices planting large gardens this year gearing up for next spring it is great to have a list of easy for beginners roses. Because of our warm climate Adair has even got some Wingthorn and gigantea roses on order, hoping for some real diversity. We are even laughing about the prospect of crossing the gigantea with the “Monster” Fara Shimbo sent Adair and calling the offspring, “Godzilla.” Many thanks,

Bob of New Orleans, currently in N.C.