Is This A Seedling?

I am a novice at hybridizing and have never seen a rose seedling. I planted 331 seeds last May (too late), and finally got one seedling in November. However, the older this seedling gets, the more it definitely does NOT look like a rose. Please take a look and confirm.




Looks like a type of Sow Thistle to me. Botanical: Sonchus oleraceus. It’s very common for weed seeds to drift into pots and flats. Don’t be too discouraged. These things take time and it’s not unusual for rose seed from certain parents to be infertile. It might pay to keep the seed around for a bit as planted. I’ve had seed germinate after two years and it can take longer. Thanks, Robert

Yup. Weed. Rose seedlings lookes like a small bean sprout, or just about any sprout come to think. Don’t worry about it, your seedlings will come pretty soon.

Don’t feel bad, kiddo. My first year I babied a raspberry seedling for three months before I figured it out!


Thanks everyone! Now I don’t feel so stupid! If anyone should have a photo of a baby rose seedling in the future, I’d be most grateful if you’d share it!

Thanks again,


Clover seedlings look like rose seedlings too!

One of the Jims (sorry, don’t remember which one) has several good photos of rose seedlings–maybe they’ll post them again.


Jim Sproul posted some seedling photos a while back (click on link below). I’ll try to post some of my own tonight.


I’ve finally gotten around to posting some seedling photos. Here is one of rose seeds germinating in petri dishes.

Here are some seedlings of various ages in 32 ounce styrofoam cups.

These seedlings are blooming for the first time.