Is there a site I can use to find parentage of a rose? other than HMF

Hi all…

I have a rose that is no long in commerce from what I can tell, but sets hips like crazy. I have checked on help me find and cannot find any information as to parentage of the rose…

It is spanish enchantress from Heirloom roses.

Any push in the correct direction appreciated :slight_smile:


Would be able to tell you the parentage?

Hi Dave,

I suppose they might if I can reach the correct person.

I have had no luck in past correspondence via email ever getting any sort of response back.

May give it a try… or look for an old catalog :slight_smile:


I found a list that listed spanish enchantress as a found rose so there is no way you will ever find the parentage if it is indeed a found rose.


Sometimes Heirloom creates its own names for roses it markets. For example, it sells Ilsink’s INTereup (Euphoria) as ‘Peachy Creeper’. It used to sell Austin roses under other names. Is it possible that ‘Spanish Enchantress’ is a Clements variety?


I did a search on Google.

“Spanish Enchantress”+roses

If more than one name, always put these in quotation marks.

You will get about 87 results for “Spanish Enchantress”+roses

And without quotation marks you will get 61,000. Check it out !

George Mander


Hi George :slight_smile:

I had to laugh because the first 3 links were things that I have posted on Gardenweb :slight_smile:

Still no real luck finding much out about this rose from the links I read on.

Time to try the breeder and see if Mr. Clemonts can help me out.

Thanks :slight_smile:


As I posted earlier, ARS lists this rose as a found rose and here is the list. Good luck.



Thanks patrick for that link.

I am sorry I didn’t see it earlier.

If it is a “found rose” then it wouldn’t be a patented rose, correct? Or can it still be patented by whomever “found” it?

Just curious on using it for propagation/cuttings.



I have this rose in an old heirlooms catalog somewhere o_O I have a lot of books so no promises I’ll find it.

I found the real name:

lol… looks like a circus descendant, probably via Westerland.

Jadae, I used to grow Morningrose and, although I could wrong, I seem to remember that Morningrose is descended from Westerland.

Thanks Jadae … that is the critter I have.

However did you find it? Was there parentage in the Heirloom Roses Catalog?

Forgive me but what did you mean it looks like a “circus” descendant? Is that a rose? Or a group of roses? How did you make the tie to Westerland?

Inquiring minds want to know and learn :slight_smile:


I found it on HMF looking at random roses I was thinking of buying for Spring of 2008, lol.

Ive seen a lot of Circus descendants, and have raised some seedlings from Circus as well, and they just give off a certain feel to me. Yeah, how’s that for logic? lol.