Is Morletti supposed to be sterile?

I read somewhere that Morletti is sterile, but this year I have two seeds from her. Has anyone had experience or education regarding this rose? The possible pollen parents are r cantabrigensis, r acicularis, Eugene de Beau., Heinrich Karsch, or cramoisi superior (or self). Any info is appreciated.

Morletii is diploid (has 14 chromosomes) so it is probably rather sterile when crossed it with tetraploids (roses with 28 chromosomes), which includes the vast majority of modern roses. It might do better crossed with other diploids.

Thank you! I crossed it mostly with acicularis pollen. Any idea of what ploidy that would make?

R. acicularis is an oddball species in that it comes in a variety of ploidies. There are varieties with 14, 28, 42, and 56 chromosomes, so it’s hard telling what you’ll get.