Is is possible to predict growth habit?

This is my second year trying to grow roses from seed (the first year was ugly, and shall not be mentioned again.) I’ve got several OP seedlings that are ready to put out in the ground. Is there any way to predict how they’ll shape up based on their behavior as seedlings? I’ve got several gallicas that look, well, like gallicas, so I figure they’ll be 4-5’ bushes. The alba maxima seedling is reaching out long arms, so I figure it’ll probably be tallish, maybe a climber. But there are others that I’m having trouble figuring out what to think.

For example, there’s a James Mason seedling with really small leaves that seems to have an extremely compact growth habit, and a City of York seedling that has longish (for its size) floppy branches that end up in a cluster of a few blooms.

Other than sticking them in the ground and standing back, is there a reasonable way to predict size and habit?

One can predict a set of likely outcomes, but not specifically a total prediction. Likewise, one can also predict what is less likely. Its really more of a spectrum of informed intuition than it is anyhting absolute.

In polyanthas and tetraploid synstylae roses, selfings often lead to a dwarf phenotype, perhaps due to gene dosis effects / epigenetics.

Thats why I believe that Baby Faraux ius simply a selfing of Veilchenblau … .

Perhaps sometimes they do a genetic comparison … .