Is Black Baccara fragrant ?

A friend has a Black Baccara and he says its fragrant. The HMF Rose states no fragrance . Does my friend have a incorrectly labeled rose? Larry Popwell

It’s as fragrant as the plastic which it resembles.

Jadae said it best.

The friend may have a differently-gifted sense of smell.


I can detect that florist rose scent… in fact, I can smell that scent in all florist roses.

But some smell is different for all people. Peace is scentless, but one time I smelled a Peace that was very fragrant. But when I smelled others, I couldn’t find it. I thought it was a fragrant sport and tried to propagate it, but it died.

People say that Lorldly Oberon is very fragrant. I’ve grown that rose for several years, and I cannot smell anything in that rose.

People say Queen Elizabeth is scentless, but I smell something sweet and tea rose-like albeit its very mild.

I believe there is a very slight scent, to me it smells like spice and pepper.

Lordly Oberon is strongly scented here, to both of my clients who have it and to both my sister and I. I love the scent and shove the flowers in their noses each time I cut it back.

Each nose does vary quite a bit, which is only sensible. Scent and taste are chemical and though we are all SIMILAR, we aren’t identical. Jim Delahanty has a fairly good nose, but he can’t smell anything from Cardinal Hume. To me, it is intensely scented of Red Hots. We’ve frequently tested each other’s nose to catalog the differences. It probably has something to do with bitter tasters. A teacher friend has frequently used the taste strips on his students and sent them home for use on their families. The ability to taste bitter is genetic and he teaches them about genetics by showing them how the ability to taste it appears in their families. It’s led to a few “oops!” moments, such as when there is no genetic way two parents created that kid, yet they say they did.

Black Baccara smells like green wax to me (and I AM an extreme bitter taster). It isn’t sprayed and it IS mildewed all the time which might affect its ability to express the scent. It sure made some gawdawful seedlings! Kim

Its like… 2’ tall max here. Its proportions everywhere I have seen it here are like a 1’W x 2’T cube with smell black-red blooms on it. It is like the complete opposite of Taboo, which gets the same size as Queen Elizabeth/Pride of England/Tropicana/etc, and blooms everywhere it can.

My scent was fairly normal for a guy before I was forced to go on diet restrictions due to gluten autoimmunity and CNS sensitivities. When that happened, my sense of smell became insane. My girlfriend follows a similar diet, and hers is even more sensitized. The female body is far more sensitized in terms of receptors, nerves, senses, etc. The male body only has a few more sensitivities, usually things like sight and sound, but it also is designed to autotune them out, unlike the female body, which becomes more absorbed, psychologically, to specific sensations. Its just simple biology. For example, the male body (this is LOL btw) can filter out the sound of repeition of his female mates voice. It isnt just tableside jokes, it is actually a scientific truth. Similarly, he is also the most sensitized to the same vocal range when it goes up in range (high pitch) to the point that it can be extremely physically painful to him. The female body, at least until menopause, is wired to be more sensitized for the obvious reason of mimicking the needs of a child’s needs.

The deal with diet and scent is that a lot of foods overpower the senses into dullness in order to compensate. Also, repetition of specific foods will render them tasteless. For example, if I eat frozen blueberries more than 2 days in a row, they then become tastless. Its all about the nervous system and its interactions with the sense organs, with taste and scent being closely intertwined. We both have to eat whole foods with 0 processed food. I also have to avoid gluten, saturated fat and sugar completely, yet her sensitivities will always be more heightened than mine despite fewer medical restrictions.

I have to wear scent-free deodorant or its a me-and-the-couch-night. Even that pine scented stuff they sell at the whole food type places wakes her up. Its insane.

A good friend has Meniere’s Disease. Scents trigger him into extreme vertigo attacks because they trigger over production of inner ear fluids which won’t drain without rupturing his ear drums. There is total hearing loss on one side and loud buzzing in the other. The only “cure” is to eliminate his hearing completely, then teach him how to balance without balance.

I, fortunately, just have to avoid artificial scents, soaps, perfumes, candles and “toilet mints” such as potpourii, because I respond to many of them very quickly through rashes, bronchial responses, sinuses, eyes, and head ache. Makes life fun, don’t it?


When I was in graduate school, a classmate said a professor in college had said that you didn’t need underarm deodorant if when you showered, you soaped up the armpits well, rinsed and soaped up and rinsed again. Since then I used less and less underarm deodorant. I am now in my seventies so of course sweat less and haven’t used a deodorant for many years. Of course, if you try it I suggest you use scentless soap.


Hi Jim,

It would be true if body odor was the only thing produced, but that is not not problem. The main problem is a very high adrenaline production spikes, which has this odd sweet smell. It probably sounds odd but most health disorders are odd, lol. There are also other things dispersed, but thats a whole other tangent onto itself.

Kim, I cannot even walk into Macy’s! Instant migraine, lol. They drench that place in synthetic perfumes. We waking into Victoria’s Secret in Beaverton one day and they freaking sprayed us as we walked in !!!

The local Home Depot is pumping pefume - Bergamot oil it smells like - into the air in the outdoor fertilizer/pesticide cage to mask the nasty smells.

As much our noses are variable at detecting scent, as much is perfume expression of many roses.

I remember decennies ago when in a large greenhouse planting some Sonia Meilland flowers some mornings were for a short time highly scented to all noses when usually it as little more than most florist roses.