Interesting piece on GMO crops

This is not about roses but I think it is an interesting piece on GMOs that someone would be interested in.


Hi Adam!

The same arguments as 20 to 15 years ago here in germany, when we had to work out a risk management research for genetic engineering with plants - mainly out of Monsantos works.

I did a three years analysis on the arguments of the pro and contras.

Prof. Dr. van den Daele was the head of the research group at that time.

and here:

Van den Daele thinks that the criticists do not have the strong arguments (as he is philosopher and lawyer!). My view has been a bit different as I learnd to know something of the early knowledge on the complexity of biochemistry, the proteom and the epigenetics (just at the beginning of that research).

I had studied biology and philosophy (and a bit other things) in Berlin in the nineties at the Free University in Dahlem, the Humboldt University and the University of Potsdam and joined the v. d. Daele and the Alfons Bora group at the WZB with my work for three years (1995-1998).

By the way, funny is: Now we got these thematics even in our school books for ethics / practical philosophy. (Which is one of my themes now, I do work at school as a teacher for biology, chemistry, computer sciences and ethics / practical philosophy).

Well: In roses we do have the “blue rose” from Santory.

We could talk about spreading out violy genes via roses. :slight_smile:))

(Only colour, no parfume … .)

Of course the GMOs as in Colony will cross out and superweeds already have been recorded. I know of a BASTA resistant Plantago variety that derived from fields where GMOs with BASTA resistance where planted. How didi it work like this? Lets speculate! … :slight_smile:

By the way: Since that time the BASTA solution is not forced with the same engagement any more, it seems … .

Also Debeners works for the transgenetic rose are a bit confusing at this point. They did research on the risk of outcrossing of inserted resistance genes in Ahrensburg, shortly before that part of the institute closed a few years ago.

But as they say, nothing special was the outcome; I would say: there has to be done more research or the outcome was not what the researchers themself expected - or what they had to get as an outcome. … :wink:



Conola not conoly and violet, not violy. Sorry.

Seems I got a "Y"2k … . :wink: