Interesting new Hulthemia hybrid 2009 C. Warner release...

'Eyes for You"… Just saw this on HMF (see link) and thought people would like to see. Quite like the lavender mixed with the purple hulthemia eye-spot.


Quite beautiful.

I like this one. Looks like a hibicus.

Hi Simon.

I wonder what the cross is here.


Dunno… it’s got ‘Blue Boy’ in it from the references though.

Both the “blue boy” and the hybrid hulthemia progeny have magical purples / mauves… yum!

This is one (see link) I haven’t seen before either… an interesting cross too.



Stuff has been written about this one (Xerxes), but no-one seems to be certain about its whereabouts any more.

Who posted up that picture?

Is it an actual picture of Xerxes?

What worries you about the picture Enrique?

Not worried.

I’m excited that there’s an actual plant of Xerxes that somebody posted up.

Years ago, Harkness wrote back to me a letter saying that they’ve destroyed their plant and that it was extinct.

If somebody posted a recent pic, then the plant isn’t extinct.

Peter James has done great work in advancing the Hulthemias. This will be a whole new style of roses and is just on the brink…

Jim Sproul