Information about 'Gloriana'

I’ve just purchased an own-root plant of ‘Gloriana’, a climbing mini, and am looking for some information about it… it looks to be nice and vigorous, growing to a large size and I’d bet given its parents it’s a tetraploid… it has no descendants listed… which seems unusual as it looks like it should be pretty fertile given boths its parents have quite a few descendants. If anyone grows it does it form hips for you? Has anyone tried using it (great photo of it on HMF btw Cass!).


My plant does not produce hips to speak of, even though it is surrounded by hundreds of roses. It does produce pollen. Repeat is only fair, but it does produce scattered rebloom.

Climbing Miniature is a weak approximation. It’s more like a Large flowered climber. The blooms are 2.5 inches/6.5cm across. The foliage is not miniature, but it is very tidy and moderately sized, like a miniflora. In the UK, Gloriana must be budded to a dwarfing stock, as I saw it there only 6 feet tall, 3 canes. Hah! Don’t count on that unless its budded to something it really doesn’t like. Own root, this plant is a thug. Mine is easily 13-15 feet tall with > 20 basals. The canes never sunburn or show disease of any kind, and the foliage is quite disease resistant, tho because we have little blackspot, I wouldn’t take that assessment too seriously. The foliage of this plant is unique in my garden, a very deep green, with a very leathery surface and what seems to be a thick cuticle. At the end of the season (October) I can see some rust on the backs of the leaves, but it rarely mars the top surface. I can live with that.

Somewhere I read that Chris Warner used Rosa soulieana in the background of his patio climbers, but I’ve never read anything by Warner himself to that effect.

This rose is difficult to propagate by cuttings. I’d say I’ve produced fewer than 8 or 10 viable plants over 6 years of trying. I’ve tried to spread it around, as it is a superior rose in my mild climate. I got my plant from Heirloom Roses/John’s Miniature Roses. I sent cuttings to Ralph Moore, but I don’t know that it was ever propagated there.

Now you know it all.

Its not quite purple nor mauve. It’s an odd shade of dark magenta. I tried using it in breeding at one point (High Hopes x Gloriana) but didn’t get much from it. If I remember correctly, the reverse is slightly lighter than the face. I remember it being more stiff than other climbing minis.

Yes, it’s an intense shade of brilliant-deep-pink-headed-toward-poiple, and the reflection of the yellow stamens on that color does something to the color, saturates it in a way the dumbfounds digital cameras. Fuchsia.

I’d like to try and find out more about Chris Warner’s work… he also used sinowilsonii a bit in making patio roses… and that interests me a lot too… I think I have ‘Wedding Day’ here and it is truly only of the most beautiful, strong, healthy roses ever here.

Thanks for the run-down Cass and Jadae… I will experiment with it as a pollen parent. Jadae, given Cass said there is not much mini about it, in the odd seedling you did get from it did it show any tendency to passing on the mini/patio stature. Did you ever keep any of the seedlings long enough to see whether they developed climbing tendencies or is it able to pass on the shrub habit from ‘Big Purple’ too? I mentioned above that I think have ‘Wedding Day’. It sets hips easily and its seeds germinate without much trouble. I’ve bought its seed parent too; ‘Laura Ford’… seems like an interesting plant to play with as well… want to match this up with ‘M. Tillier’.

Very nice flower, color, plant, spring foliage.

When pollinated sets hips quite easily for me. Seeds are difficult to germinate.