info on White Koster (Blanche Neige)

I would like to hear about this rose. Hight, bloom shape,quality of rebloom, fertility especially,

If it’s a sport of Dick Koster (or one of the other Kosters, most of which are sports), take a look at this for its parentage: 'Dick Koster' rose lineage

And for its descendants, which would include fertility and its sportin’ life, see 'Dick Koster' rose lineage

Re. height and stuff like that, I’d guess it has the characteristics of most of the other Kosters–Margo Koster, etc., which are similar back to Echo

What interests me is the fact that Hortico lists this rose as a 14 ft. Could this be a mutation back to tauchensson (sp?) from of its bushy sports? every rose lists this as a bush with no indication of height. Any help out there?


I just looked at Hortico and a number of other sources, and all describe it as a dwarf polyantha. had it last year. This description is cached on Google:

White Koster Rose

Polyantha Creamy white double blooms are produced in abundance on this lovely compact Polyantha. A suitable choice for containers or low hedges, this

continuous bloomer features small glossy leaves which provide a wonderful backdrop to the flower.

w/1929/1-2" double blooms/height up to 18"/small glossy foliage/many petals/possibly a sport from ‘Margo Koster’ or ‘Dick Koster’/No. 1/zones 5-9 says

Polyantha Rose - White Koster

60905: Polyantha Rose, White Koster

Order Item # 60905

Description: Introduced in 1929. Flowers are creamy white, double and slightly fragrant. Growth is compact but vigorous.

Common Name: Polyantha Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa

Color: White

Foliage Color: Green

Fragrant: Yes

Bloom Time: Summer

Product Ships Between: 3/15/2006 and 6/15/2006

Bloom Size: 1 - 2 inches

Height: 18 inches

Width: 18 inches

Bulb Size: #1 Bareroot

Sun Requirements: Full Sun

Hardiness Zones: 4,5,6,7,8,9

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