Infamous Blue Rose

I need some professional help here. I am in a rose society where we are having a great debate after a picture of a blue rose was presented to us by an 80 year old rosarian. SHe supposedly had received the picture from her daughter in Germany. I say that it’s not been developed yet. I have seen the same blue colored rose that was in a English rose book that was dyed blue. Can anyone set us straight here??PLEASE>>> this thing is causing quite a controversy in our society.

This might answer some of your questions.

Also…anyone with a computer can make a rose any color they want with the ‘paintshop’ type programs.

Isn’t worth arguing about however.

Roses are supposed to be fun so just enjoy them and the company of other rosarians!



Unable to access this info.

Thanks for trying though.

My concern is that because she is one of the older rosarians she is looked at with knowledge. I don’t want people thinking something exists because she said it. Just because someone grows roses doesn’t mean their company is also enjoyable.

While a number of Genetic Engineering labs are working feverishly to create the first blue rose, it has not been done yet. Believe me, it would be in front page CNN news if it had been done already. The engineers were hoping to have the first GE Blue hybrids by 1999, but what the found was that they could get the gene from a Delphinium into a rose but it would NOT express as blue. This is because the cell chemistry of the rose is wrong for the gene to express true blue. And so, the search goes on. Until they overcome the cell chemistry issue there will be only dirty purple experimental varieties to gawk at. For now, these colors exist only in the twisted minds of Photoshop gurus and 8th grade science classes where they soak white roses in blue dyes.



The latest attempt to create a blue rose is using a human liver enzyme.


Thank you Paul and Jim for the helpful information. I knew someone here could point me in the right direction and let me decide what is worth arguing about. I don’t like incorrect info from anyone to be passed on as though it were gospel.