Inaccurate pictures in

Athough there are other good pictures in “Rose Hybridizing: The Next Step”, there are two that are inaccurate. One is on page 36 and the other is on page 37 where the anatomy of a flower is shown. Although accurate as a general flower anatomy, they show the ovaries as above the anther attachments (i.e. no “receptacle”) A more accurate picture of a rose anatomy can be seen at the web site of Mirza Mohammed Shoaib (who is apparently a member of RHA also).



I agree that, given time, one could always find a more accurate detailed illustration to use. The intent of those rough drawings was merely to highlight those anatomy parts used in the hybridization process. I recall when we were asked to put this together that it wasn’t the easiest to get volunteers to not only write the articles, but see it through the edit and publishing process. I’m glad that it is selling, and that it is being looked at. Maybe we can count on you when a revision is in the planning stage.

John, I hope you did not take my note as an attack. I was merely trying to note what I saw as a discrepancy that could hopefully be corrected in a future edition. In fact, the one article mentioned that roses with “narrow” receptacles may not be as successful a seed parent. I went to look at the diagram and realized this doesn’t look like a rose.

This was of interest to me as I’ve noticed a few of my roses I attempted in breeding have what I would term a “shallow” receptacle (“Marco Polo”) and I keep wondering if it will successfully form a hip.

I think “The Next Steps” is a terrific book and I’m glad I purchased it.

Chris Mauchline

Chris, no attack at all. Maybe I came across a tad too strong - sorry if I did. Yes, it’s true that these drawings do not really show the detail, but thought they would serve the purpose. Thanks for the comments.