I'm learning from this forum

Thanks for those of you that create and add to the threads on this forum. I just thought I would let you know how you have helped me out(knowingly or not).

HMF has been a great resource that I would have probably ignored until I joined the RHA. From that information I have asked questions and read about everything here. Lots of great information has been passed on. The RHA booklets are packed with information.

I have looked at roses with a new and very critical eye in the past few months. Growth habit, leaf color, shape and texture and now that spring is here, a few blooms.

A few examples are the differences in the total habit of plants like Crested Moss, Mr. Lincoln, Cal Poly, Iceberg, Medallion and more. I know that for those of you that have been hybridizing for years, those differences are glaring, but for a novice, maybe not so much.

I have gathered a little pollen from the few blooms that I have so far and spread a little around this morning. My wife still thinks I’m nuts, but for me it was like starting on a new adventure.

Again thanks for sharing your experiences, information and input.


hi jeff, i have been doing crosses for about 4 years and little by little i’m learning

to hybridize. i still have some problems and will figure it out some day. have fun

doing the crosses it can be a lot of fun. my wife looked at me funny in the beginning but now i ask her which roses should i cross. this web site is a great place to ask questions so come on and ask . also they are selling a dvd that i bought and use a lot. enjoy and good luck! patrick- n.j.

And whether you realize it or not, we’re learning from you too. Thanks for joining in on the fun!