Illusion X William Baffin seedling

This 2004 seedling appears to be an ideal mixing of the two parents.

It did not suffer winter damage in my zone 5 garden and has not exhibited any disease (I do not spray). The remaining question is how much repeat bloom will it exhibit?


Nice, looks promising.

I love the color, and don’t care much about repeat bloom because the Japanese Beetles eat everything after the first bloom. Does it sucker like William Baffin?

Eric, my William Baffin does not sucker. Perhaps this is because it is surrounded by a loop of soaker hose and does not feel the need to chase moisture???

Regarding Japanese Beetles, they do not bother Illusion (see . I do not know whether the seedling has inherited this very desirable trait.


Japanese Beetles definetely bother my Illusion. It is almost eaten alive right now.