Identifying this rose - help needed





On an autumn walk two weeks ago I saw this planted shrub.( located in Europe / Germany). Eye-catching were the purple-red new shoots and the small hips. These resembles in shape the hips of r.rugosa, but are much smaller. Glossy foliage. The first impression conveyed a strong wild rose character.
I am curious about your opinion. Any idea?

Many thanks for help!


First thought was r. virginiana but I’m not familiar with it enough to be more than a suggestion.

The seed pods do look like Virginia pods. Long stipules with flutes also. The color, red, very characteristic, the needles not so much. No crumpled leaves so not rugose. Look in the ground at the roots to find blunt spades nose.

It looks like R. virginiana to me, too.


My guess Its a strong contender to be either R. carolina or R. virginiana based on my garden samples.

However it’s thorn density is high compared to mine. My carolinas are taller than virginiana by 2 to 3 feet, as are the very similar flowers but slightly wider. One virginiana sported to plena a couple of years back.

R carolina


R virginiana


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@JacqG, @Plazbo, @RikuHelin, @MidAtlas

My spontaneous guess went in the same direction, but I was quite unsure. Great thanks to all of you !