identifing 'Banshee' or 'Betty Bland'

I have been working with a rose that I assumed was ‘Betty Bland’. It is about 6ft, red stems, few prickles on the top of the stems like Rosa blanda, pink double flowers. I was told by an old timer that what I had was ‘Banshee’ which Modern Roses 8 describs as being common in Western Canada (where I am from).


You’d probably appreciate Paul Barden’s page on ‘Banshee’. Maybe it’ll help you figure out what it is that you have.



It’s likely that you have ‘Betty Bland’. The shrub and flowers are similar to ‘Therese Bugnet’, but the flowers are not as deep pink as the latter cultivar. I see it located here and there in Edmonton. ‘Banshee’ apparently was relatively common on the Canadian prairies many years ago but not anymore. I’ve never seen it.


‘Banshee’ has more yellowish-green canes (maybe with a reddish tint on the sunny side? I’d have to check) and they’re pretty impressively prickled, too.


Does your plant throw out some stray fall bloom? The plant marked ‘Betty Bland’ at the MN Landscape Arb. does. It also has a very similar fragrance to and the flower form looks a bit like ‘Therese Bugnet’- Betty Bland’s offspring. I confirmed that plant at the arb to be a triploid, even though ‘Betty Bland’ is reported in Modern Roses to be a diploid. This plant has some hips with up to a few seeds each in them. If I remember right the canes definately have significant red color in them, especially in winter.


No, David I have never gotten a fall a fall bloom and I rarely ever get seed, I think I have seen two hips in my life. Also it does breed like a diploid… could it be what you have is a Boursult (sp?).

Also I think I received a protocol on chromosome counts from you that I found worked very well for me. Unfortunately the paper got flooded with sewer in my basement this summer. Could you email me another copy, I would really appreciate it, no rush.