Ida Belle hybridizer?

My wife and I propagate miniature roses from cuttings. We would like to get permission to make cuttings from the miniature rose-"Ida Belle (Minayco) hybridized by Williams of Texas Miniature Roses.

Does anyone know how I can contact Williams to ask for permission?

Ralph Hoekstra


MRX lists Ernest D. Williams ; 1510 Lebanon Avenue; Dallas TX 75208

Don’t know if this is the one you are looking for or not.


Thank you. He is the one I need to contact.

By the way, what is MRX, and where can I get a copy?

Ralph Hoekstra

MRX is Modern Roses X (Ten). Modern Roses XI has been published, and Modern Roses XII will be the next version, but I’m not sure when that will appear. Call the American Rose Society at 1-800-637-6534 for information about MR XI.