ID Help: Double KO Pink and .....

Sorry the bloom cycle(s) didn’t correspond with my picture taking. I hope you can give me some idea what I have – even without a picture of the bloom.

  1. Both plants are approx. 36” tall and wide – the UNKNOWN is a bit smaller.
  2. Blooming cycles and quantity of blooms are almost identical.
  3. The UNKNOWN flower is also pink but only has 5 or so petals.
  4. Blooms are about the same diameter.
  5. Foliage: DKO is lighter green and has a smoother formed leaf.


The “unknown foliage” looks right for something from the Knock Out tribe. You say it’s single and pink. Any chance that it might be Rainbow KO? It looks sort of pink before it fades. Have you checked your purchase records?


Hi Peter,
The “Unknown’s” where replacements sent to me do to a mislabeled order. I ordered Wild Blue Yonder - and this is what I got. I will post a bloom picture when I can get one. I do agree that these two guys are from KO tribe - or should be.

The sepals of the unknown look very “Knock Out-ish” to me.

OK on the KO. I feel like a fool. Honestly, I never considered it to be a KO but after seeing the pics on Rainbow KO, I think we have a winner. Thank you guys with your help and especially understanding.

No reason to feel foolish if you’re not familiar with all of the Knock Out line. I’m honestly most familiar with their sepals, which are rather distinctive in comparison to many other more “commonly” encountered roses.

I’m not an expert, but I’m thinking it could also be something like Blushing Knock Out. Rainbow Knock Out has a tendency to never drop its petals and will become a mass of dried petals if not deadheaded. This rose appears to have dropped some of its petals.