I was wrong - seeds and pollen of roses are NOT exempted from EU phytosanitary regulation

For the record:

I have repeatedly stated on this forum that pollen and seeds from roses are exempted from EU phytosanitary regulation. Today I delved into the regulation (Council Directive 2000/29 of the European Commission) once again and I discovered I had misinterpreted the Directive. It is a bit of puzzle, even for those professionally acquainted with it!

Unfortunately, this means I cannot receive pollen or seeds without the necessary phytosanitary certificate and following an import inspection procedure.

Although I know some of you may regard this as a bit too heavily regulated, as an exmployee of the Ministery of Agriculture, I cannot, and do not want to, break the rules I am (indirectly) responsible for professionally.

I write this message here, because I do not want my earlier statements to cause fellow Europeans to ‘break the rules’ based on my earlier, false, statements. Hope you understand.


P.S. Henry, if you got my e-mail about the Rugelda x R15 pollen: unfortunately I have to cancel my request because of this.

Wow, even pollen???

And I was hoping to get some Hulthemia persica seeds someday…

Jim Sproul

Yes, even pollen, although you really have to puzzle yourself through the regulation to conclude this. I bet they won’t even know at Customs, but still :slight_smile:

Jim, your import regulations may, of course, differ from European regulation. Export from Eu to US is an all different matter: there is no European export legislation. This is the ‘competence’ of individual Member States. It all depends on the requirements of the receiving country.


These regulators are regulating the whole world but not the really important things. (Thinking of the subprime crisis).

And: Around the corner you can buy kiwi from new zealand and physalis from south africa, but you may not send around rose pollen nor seeds. :slight_smile:

They are all totally crazy, belive me.

Jim, I didn’t know you also wanted Hulthemia seeds, I thought you only wanted to breed with recurrent blooming descendants of hulthemia, as you wrote about it in the Hulthemia hybrids threads because of the commercial background.

Timo and Robert Rippetoe already are on my list and if its possible at all, to send those seeds to the USA, you also should get seeds from me.

The only problem will be: when and if.



Small amounts of seed can be imported with a permit. The sender just needs to take care how it’s packaged and labeled.

Link: www.aphis.usda.gov/import_export/plants/plant_imports/smalllots_seed.shtml