I have revised my

I have revised my “Use enzymes to increase the rate of germination” section.


Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/enzymeuse.htm

I think that I have figured out the bug - it appears that the title line will not accept quotes.

Are there any brand names or particular stores that Bromelain can be located under/at?


Chris Mauchline

Another question: If seeds have already been cold stratified, but germination seems slow/erratic, is there any opinion whether a Bromelain soak at this point would hurt or help?

I have found it often at health food stores and every once in a while at drug stores. It is not cheap so you may want to buy throught the internet. A good starting point is: Shopping Online at Shopping.com | Price Comparison Site

Bromelain is also a component of some meat tenderizers, but I have tested them and they do not work. I assume this is because the meat tenderizers also contain sodium salts, and germinating seeds do not seem to tolerate sodium salts.

I have given slow germinators a second soak of Bromelain (I would not recommend this with an enzyme drain cleaner type product).

As mentioned on my enzyme web page, I have started to also put Bromelain in the water that I wet the sand in the petri dishes with. I will have to add to my web page that I generally use distilled water rather than our treated well water.

Link: www.dealtime.com/xDN-Nutrition–bromelain