I have been flooded

I have 50 emails in my inbox from the drug spambots here. I got rid of them, but I use my email for work all day long.

They were all emailed by simply using the registry system this forum uses, which scares me a bit.

Well that is too bad. I have not noticed anything new in terms of spam to the email address that I have given RHA. But a few weeks ago when I did get an email from either Peter or David via the forum, my service provider let it through, flagged it as “bulk”, but did not stick it in the junk folder. I was tempted several times to start a post about what we can do to prevent spammers, perhaps now is the time to start that thread.


They were all emailed by simply using the registry system this forum uses

What do you mean exactly?

I’ve said for some time I think requiring users to register would help alleviate these problems. It’s already chronic.

Its time we had to register and log in to use the forum, like most other forums.

I have some experience with this. Registration can help a little but is no panacea because it imposes a maintenance burden and, if you require manual approval, a latency barrier to participation.

There are some measures that can be taken to mitigate the nuisance posts I’ve seen here. I also suspect Jadae’s particular problem may actually have nothing to do with this forum.

No, it is related to the forum. It was the same drug company spammers with identical names from last weeks huge hit. Also, each emailed included this: Jadae (zone 8b)

The current system has everything out in the open for anyone to grab, which is what bothers me a lot.

It was the same drug company spammers with identical names from last weeks huge hit. Also, each emailed included this: Jadae (zone 8b)

Am I missing something? Emails addresses are nowhere on the page or in the page code, and the email reply function is disabled, is it not? Nobody else is reporting the same problem either, and so this all leads me to think you have been bushwacked by some spyware or a virus on your own computer.

Disable your javascript, clear your cache and run both adaware and spybot and I’ll bet you find it.

I have all of those and avast! running. Plus whatever Opera uses. Maybe I got something from the spambots a week ago, though, which is possible.

Does anybody know what forum software is in use here?


I don’t think that the e-mail reply function has been totally disabled. A few days ago I was able to make contact with a fellow New Orleanian with it – I have seen what appeared to be one or two junk e-mails on the forum site but I have actually seen a decrease in the ads for “male enhancement” that come directly to me – but that may be because I use my gov’t address which has very strong filters rather than my personal account.


I have gotten two so far. Goes right to my inbox, right through all my filters. Same people as Jadae is talking about. Kind of annoying.

Their where 8 in my mailbox. What company is spamming?

Well I found the spam from Nick and Jack this morning. Caught by the filters, but it was there. Liz

I also have it. They use the address we put in the “Email:” field when we write a post. Stop filling that field will help a bit, but the bot can of course use the info in other posts. I got two emails, but I rarely fill the Email: field when I write a post.

I think registration would be preferable. There is already a maintenance requirement, because the forum moderator has to remove all the spam posts.


I got spammed too. My filter caught all but one. Annoying.

Spam bots cannot get your email address from the Email: field in this forum. Try it yourself. See if you can get my email address from the Email: field. Any email sent to you via this forum will have a line at the bottom saying that it came from rosehybridizers.org. Do your spam emails have that line? If you have problems with spam that you think might be related to the forum, please contact the forum administrator. It does no good to complain here.

Have you ever posted to the GardenWeb forum? Spam bots CAN get your email from that forum.

If you see anything that looks like spam posted on this forum, please notify the forum administrator immediately. Whatever you do, don’t click on one of their links. They can tell when someone clicks on one of their links from this forum, and that just encourages them to post more spam to this forum. The spam filters are currently rejecting hundreds of spam attempts a week, but the spammers are always coming up with new ways to get around them. If they see that someone clicked on one of their links in our forum, then they will spend more time and effort trying to get around our spam filters.


Today I got one from something entitled “All drugs here.” Does that sound like the same one you got. But it was the only one to get through.


The e-mail I referenced to Jadae in preceding paragraph was from Nick – sound familiar?

Jim Turner:

Pursuan to your inquiry, my above referenced spam has “a line at the bottom saying that it came from rosehybridizers.org.”

Regards, Bob

If you get an email that has a line at the bottom that says it came from rosehybridizers.org, please forward it to me so that I can see who the culprit is. I’ve contacted Bob off the list.