I feel stupid...

I went to the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden today. It was cold and there weren’t any roses. But today, I had some good news and I was near by. I wanted to write in my journal at the garden. Well, I saw an old man who wanted to talk to me and I exchanged pleasantries, but showed an attitude that I generally don’t open up to strangers. I was nice, and I think I know who he is for some reason. Very familiar looking old man.

After a minute or two, I’m writing in my journal, and I watch him leave. I know I meet him. It’s only when I’m back home that I realize that it was Ralph Moore. I’m sure of it, I just saw Paul’s pictures.

I feel such an ass. I blew up a chance to speak with Ralph Moore, ask him personal questions and maybe we could had strolled down to the miniature rose section and talk about his roses.

I’m 99.9 percent sure it was him, but–I don’t know. He was old, but he looked lively and walked without any aid such as a walker or cane.

who knows I can have the same opportunity in the future. But, at least I can say that I faced Ralph Moore at least once.

Hi Enrique,

I’ve been out of the rose world for a while and am catching up on the message boards. I heard that Sequoia Nursery closed in 2008 and I thought it was because Ralph Moore had passed away! I’m glad to hear he is still alive and kicking.

Best regards,

Brian Smith

Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Enrique,

I am not sure whether or not you lost the chance to visit with Mr. Moore. Though he still is sharp, he is now using a walker most of the time, so it was probably another nice elderly rose lover.

You may yet have a chance to meet him, however:

Mr. Moore’s family and church will be hosting an open house on Sunday, January 18th from 2 - 4 at the First Presbyterian Church in Visalia, CA. The public is invited.

By the way, he will turn 102 on January 14th.

Jim Sproul

And for those who cannot attend, you can send Mr. Moore a card to wish him a Happy 102nd!

Mr. Ralph Moore

2519 E. Noble Avenue

Visalia, CA